Independent economic cases for investment

These reports provide a summary of the findings from cost benefit analysis (CBA) undertaken on the Befriending Service run by Greater Manchester’s Lesbian and Gay Foundation (LGF).

The LGF Befriending Service   The LGF Mental Health Service

The Befriending Service commenced in 2011. Originally the Service only operated within Manchester City Council boundaries but it now operates Greater Manchester wide, as part of the LGF’s broader Mental Health Service.

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Service CBA


The LGF’s Mental Health Service comprises a counselling offer, helpline, drop-in service, the hosting of advice surgeries (run by external partners but LGF-badged) and a wellbeing clinic. In the last 12 months the Service has included small pilot activity such as telephone counselling for young people.

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Service CBA

The LGF Sexual Health Service   The LGF Village Angels

The Service has three objectives;
o Increased testing – so that Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) know their HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) status;
o Condom and Lube distribution, training and awareness – to increase the availability and use of condoms; and
o Empowerment – MSM have the knowledge and confidence to be able to make informed choices about their sex life.

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Service CBA


The aim of Service is to relieve pressure on the emergency services and to fill the space between venues, bar owners and the police. Crime data shows that low level crime (bag snatching, theft etc) is prevalent in the Village due to people being vulnerable from the effects of drink and drugs. In response the Village Angels team offer advice, guidance and support to visitors to the Village who may be vulnerable or distressed. By proactively intervening early the team hopes to prevent the need arising for a person to attend A&E, go to the police station etc. The team also hands out information on the LGF’s other services.

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