Stockport LGBT Needs Assessment

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Click here to download the Stockport LGBT Needs Assessment

The Stockport LGBT Needs Assessment has been produced as a piece of partnership working between Stockport Foundation Trust, Stockport CCG, Stockport Metropolitan Council, and LGBT Foundation. It is the first time the needs and experiences of Stockport’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community has been explored and documented in a formal way.

The needs assessment highlights the contributions that the vibrant LGBT community bring to Stockport through support groups, events, and campaigns, as well as demonstrating the specific health inequalities experienced by this segment of Stockport’s population. The report found that LGBT people were less likely to have positive experiences of using mainstream services and that their sexual orientation, gender identity and/or trans status was rarely taken into account when services were designed or delivered.



Who should read it?

We hope that policymakers, commissioners, researchers, service providers, LGBT people, and those working with and supporting LGBT people in Stockport read this document and find it informative and useful.

How can this document be used?

We intend for this to be a living document that can lever positive change in and for Stockport’s LGBT community. We hope that it will enable the needs of all LGBT people in Stockport to be better met in future.

Some of the ways that people might use this document are:

·         To provide insight into the lives of LGBT people in Stockport

·         As evidence to support improving access to services

·         As evidence to support campaigning for LGBT equality

·         As evidence to support development of services that will benefit LGBT people

·         As evidence to support increasing resources for Stockport’s LGBT community

If you are a commissioner, this document is a good starting point for thinking about whether the services you commission are designed to meet the needs of LGBT people. As well as reading this document, we also recommend consulting LGBT people in Stockport who will use the services you intend to commission.

If you are a professional working with LGBT people, this document provides insight into the daily lives, social contexts, and health needs of your service users.