Our Top Tips to #PartySafe when you swallow drugs:

Swallowing or dropping is a common way of taking drugs, and is most often done with pills, or powders that can be put inside a capsule or wrapped in a cigarette paper and swallowed (sometimes called bombing). Others you can dilute and then drink, and lastly you can also mix drugs with food or cook it into other food.

There are also some drugs that you should never swallow, like poppers.

Swallow Steady

When swallowing drugs, they can take a little bit longer than sniffing, slamming and smoking to get into yours system, so go steady and don't double drop! Try waiting one hour between doses to see if it has an effect, you can always take more, but you cannot take less.

Dilute your mix

When swallowing liquids like G, it is important you dilute it down as it can burn your mouth and throat. It is best to dilute with fruit juice or a soft drink rather than an alcoholic drink as this could potentially interact with the drugs you are swallowing. When you dilute, you also need to keep track of how much you are taking, and you can do this by measuring it out with a needless syringe.