Our Top Tips to #PartySafe when you sniff drugs:

Switch Sides

Sniffing drugs can damage your nostrils and the septum, (the fleshy cartilage between your nostrils) so it is important to alternate which nostril you use so that after a party, it has more time to heal.

Use your own kit

If you use someone else's kit, traces of blood can pass from one irritated or raw nose to another. Hepatitis C can spread when people share kit used for snorting such as rolled up banknotes, straws or nasal inhalers (sometimes called bullets). If you use banknotes they may have been used for snorting before and could still be contaminated, especially as Hepatitis C can live outside the body for three weeks. Post-it notes or coloured drinking straws are a safe alternative, and if there are several people, try to make sure everyone uses their own colour, and use a fresh one each time.

Rinse it out

Rinse your nose out right away with some water, or a salt-water nasal spray, and this get rid of any residue in your nose, and stop it from doing any more damage.