Our Top Tips to #PartySafe when you smoke drugs:

Breathe Slowly

If you inhale quickly, the air you bring in to your lungs will be hotter and can damage your lungs more, If you take a slow breath the smoke will travel slower, which gives it more time to cool down. Using a bong can help to cool down the smoke, and it also removes some of the impurities found in smoke.

Switch to Vaping

Vapourising drugs at a higher temperature helps to remove more of the impurities, and the water vapour that you inhale is much gentler on the lungs than the smoke. It can take a while to get used to if you have typically smoked, and it might even make you cough more, but in the long run it is gentler on your lungs.

Protect your lips

Wrapping a rubber band around the pipe to protect against burning. You can also get syphilis and herpes from sharing smoking equipment, and if you and someone you are sharing a pipe and have cuts on your lip, or you are using a piece of foil which can easily cut your lip you can potentially get HIV and Hepatitis C. Using a pyrex pipe makes it less likely to shatter, which will also help to prevent cuts to your lip.