Our Top Tips to #PartySafe when you slam/inject drugs:

Slamming or Injecting is one of the riskiest ways to party. If you haven't started injecting - don't. It is always best to switch to a non-injectable version of the drug if you can. Friday/Monday have a really detailed guide on how to inject safely which you can find by clicking here, but we have put together a few tips to help you #PartySafe.

Rotate your site

Different drugs need to be injected into different sites, steroids for example get injected into the buttocks, but you would typically inject most other drugs into a vein. Never inject into an artery because their is too much pressure and this can cause heavy bleeding. If you do push into an artery, pull the needle out and apply lots of pressure to the site. Don't re-use the same site as this can cause the veins to scar and collapse.

Use your own kit

If you share equipment, traces of blood can pass from one needle to another. If you share drugs and put your needle in to draw it up, you can potentially put your blood into the drugs, or pick up other peoples blood when you do. This can put you at risk of HIV and Hepatitis B and C and other serious infections.

Filter before you draw

Filtering drugs as you draw up through the needle can help to remove a lot of impurities, especially if you are using a powder that is mixed with water. You can use cotton wool, tampons or cigarette filters which all work really well and are a little bit cheaper than other alternatives.

Keep it clean

Injecting into a clean site on your body can reduce the risk of infection, which you can do by washing it with warm, soapy water and then rinsing the soap off. You also want to clean your hands and not touch anything dirty until you have finished injecting. If you are mixing a powder, you also want to use sterilised water, which you can do by boiling it, and then letting it cool completely. Once you have finished with a needle, re-apply the needle cap and put the needle into a sharps bin, or put somewhere that people aren't going to scratch themselves with it.