Our Top Tips to #PartySafe with drugs:

There will always be some risk if you take drugs, as you never know what you are taking, and how strong it is. The safest thing to do is to not take them. If you do, we have a few tips on how to #PartySafe.

Start small

Some drugs take longer to kick in than others, and if someone normally takes drugs by snorting, and then switches swallowing, it can take longer to have an effect. Don't take more right away if it isn't kicking in, as then you can potentially overdose. Always start small (half a pill or a pinch of powder) and give it an hour before re-dosing.

Keep your kit together

It is always best to use your own drugs and equipment rather than someone else's as they may have mixed or cut their drugs with other drugs, and sharing your kit can expose you to blood borne viruses like HIV or Hepatitis C. To make this easier, it is best to keep all of your own kit together and keep it separate from everyone else's stuff. This also means that if you are at a chill-out, or house party and then you want to leave, it is easier to find all of your stuff because it is all in one spot!

Know Your Doses

People may dose differently, and someone might be using stronger pills or a stronger mix than you are used to. If you know the party is going to be happening for a while, it might be worth taking a little note-pad and pen to keep track of what you have taken and when. If this is next to all of your stuff then you will hopefully remember to fill it in every time you use. It also means that if you do need medical attention, then the doctor , nurse or paramedic will be able to treat you more accurately.

Tell your friends

If you are going to be partying, make sure someone knows where you are going and what you will be doing. That way if you do need help, you can ring them. They shouldn't judge you or tell you off,

Set a spending limit

Try to set a limit of how much you will spend at the party, including travel and any money you might want for food, and make sure you don't spend your taxi money on drugs! Some people find it helpful to leave their bank cards at home so they can't be tempted to get more money out, but this could end up in a situation where you don't have enough money to get home. If you do leave your card at home, also leave some cash somewhere that is easy to find so that you can offer to run in to your house and grab the cash to give to your taxi driver.

Stay cool

A lot of drugs out there can make you feel hot and/or dehydrated, so it is important to stay cool and drink water every now and then (on MDMA it is recommended to have about 500ml every hour). Your urine can show if you are dehydrated, it should be clear, and if it is a dark yellow or brown colour then you are dehydrated. It is fine to sweat, this is your bodies way of keeping you cool, but if you feel too hot and stop sweating you should get medical attention.

How do you take drugs when you party?

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Other ways to party?

Some people take drugs in other ways, such as using a needless syringe to inject drugs up their arse, or putting a pill on their finger and inserting this into their arse, which is sometimes called a booty bump. People do this because the lining of the arse can absorb drugs quickly and it gives a similar hit to slamming, without the risk of using needles. This is also a risk though, as drugs will enter your blood easily, which means you will need way less to feel the same effect. Some drugs like G should not be injected up the arse as they will irritate and burn the skin, and make it vulnerable to infection, especially if you have sex afterwards.