Our top tips to #PartySafe with Alcohol

Make every third drink non-alcoholic

Try to swap out your third drink for water, or a soft drink. When drinking alcohol, sometimes it can sneak up on you and you end up feeling way more drunk than you wanted to. If you make every third drink non-alcoholic, it can help to give you more time to feel how drunk you are. If you are worried about your friend's noticing or making fun of you, drink vodka with a mixer (coke or red-bull), and then for your third drink, just get the mixer on its own, and they won't be able to tell the difference.

Never leave your drink on its own

If you leave your drink on its own, it could potentially be spiked with drugs or more alcohol,. Its common for people to spike drinks with ketamine, G or other depressants, and these can interact badly with alcohol in already in your system. Only leave a drink with someone you trust if you need to go to the toilet or want to go outside for a smoke and can't take your drink. If your drink is ever out of sight, consider it gone and get a new one. If you think you have been spiked, seek help immediately, and if you think your friend has been spiked and they are unresponsive, call 999.

Don't accept drinks from strangers

As much as it is flattering when someone offers you a drink, it can be dangerous as you don't know what is in it. The best thing to do if someone offers you a drink (for example a beer) they already have is to say:

"Thanks, but I really don't like beer, could we go and get a cider instead?"

Then go to the bar with them and watch your drink being made and make sure you pick it up from the bar so that the stranger doesn't have a chance to add anything to your drink.

Set a spending limit

Try to set a limit of how much you will spend in a night, including travel and any money you might want for food, and make sure you don't spend your taxi money on drinks! Some people find it helpful to leave their bank cards at home so they can't be tempted to get more money out, but this could end up in a situation where you don't have enough money to get home. If you do leave your card at home, also leave some cash somewhere that is easy to find so that you can offer to run in to your house and grab the cash.

Space your nights out

Try to only go out once or twice a week, that way when you do go out, you can really enjoy your nights out. Sometimes it can be helpful to plan evenings with your friends where you won't end up going out,. Try having a movie night or games night and don't bring any alcohol.