Now in our second year of partnership, we are thrilled to have the continued support of OGX for our Women’s Programme through the fabulous Pride ‘Love’ shampoo range.

Our Women’s Programme supports and empowers women to improve their health and wellbeing; increase skills, knowledge and confidence; reduce feelings of isolation; and ensure inclusion in all aspects of our work. As the only programme of our kind with specific provision for LGBT+ women in the UK, the support of OGX is incredibly vital for our communities. The Women’s Programme also undertakes ground-breaking research into the disproportionate inequalities faced by LGBT+ women, as part of our ambition to create a fair and equal society for every single LGBT person.

Paul Williams from OGX says,

"We are really excited about our partnership with LGBT Foundation. The OGX haircare brand has always been about self-expression, individuality and being true to yourself. We are passionate about supporting women from all communities, particularly LGBT + women who are underrepresented. This is why proceeds from our limited edition LOVE collection will be donating up to £50,000 to the charity to enable them to continue their LGBT Foundation women’s programme throughout 2021 and beyond."

Debra Nixon, Assistant Director of Self-Generated Income, comments:

"The Women’s Programme exists to meet the needs of lesbian and bi women*, through workshops, events, outreach, and research. As the Women’s Programme is the first and only one of its kind delivering specific services to LGBT+ women, we are delighted to be able to work in collaboration with OGX again for the second year. Their support has made it possible for us to continue our work with LGBT+ women, and we are exceptionally grateful for OGX’s generosity.”

* LGBT Foundation’s services for women are inclusive of trans women, non-binary people and gender fluid people who identify as lesbian, bisexual or questioning their sexual orientation