When you say "That's so gay!" Do you realise what you say?

Publish Date: 17/10/2008

Girl and Boy Think before you speak campaignA cool new website has been developed that aims to end the word gay being used as a derogatory term. ThinkB4YouSpeak is a joint initiative between GLSEN (Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network) the the Ad Council, to fight anti-LGBT language; by raising awareness about the prevalence and consequences of homophobic behavior in schools.

The website, www.ThinkB4YouSpeak.com, provides tips on how to support LGBT issues, and the opportunity for visitors to take a stand against anti-LGBT language through sharing alternatives to "that's so gay", and encouraging people to say something original instead.

The site also includes a dictionary-type tool that illustrates a word's original meaning, helping people to understanding the negative and positive power of words.

There are also adverts starring actress and singer Hilary Duff, encouraging young people to think before they speak, and highlighting the effects of using 'gay' as a negative adjective.

Referring to things as 'gay'; as a substitute for rubbish, remains a major problem in UK culture, especially amongst young people.