Understanding Muslim LGBT Identity

To celebrate LGBT History month’s theme of ‘Religion, Belief & Philosophy’ in February LGBT Foundation are hosting a free event to provide a short introduction to Islam by way of helping individuals and organisations to support LGBT Muslims. 

 ‘It’s unfortunate to be surrounded by such hate ignorance and discrimination by some people in the Muslim community for being LGBT. Islam is about peace, love and being non-judgmental. It is about acceptance, inclusion and compassion. I want to see the Muslim community as more understanding and willing to accept that everyone is different and being different doesn’t necessarily take you away from Islam’.  Out Muslim gay man

 Many Muslim LGBT people would like to use current services but feel that they may not be appropriate. The provision of Muslim LGBT groups is important but not the answer for everyone as some people would like to integrate within the LGBT community. Many LGBT Muslims want to feel confident that organisations (such as LGBT Foundation) will be able to support them and understand their issues. So what can we do?

  • Understanding Muslim LGBT Identity
  • Wednesday 10th February 2016. 10am-1pm
  • LGBT Foundation, Number 5 Richmond Street, M1 3HF

The event will include a training workshop to share understanding of Islam - Beliefs, values, relation to homosexuality, gender identity .Diversity within Muslim faith  and personal stories from those coming to terms with sexual orientation, dealing with prejudice and practising Muslim faith.

Group Sessions will identify ways forward for improving service delivery, encourage visible representation via group networking & feedback and encourage confidence - moving forward with visibility and knowledge to improve existing services.

For further information and to register please contact: jawad.mahboob@lgbt.foundation