Russell T Davies reacts to "anti-gay" comments

Publish Date: 10/07/2008

Talking to The Guardian, Davies reacted to Daily Mail commentator Quentin Letts calling him "an irksome little man with too high an opinion of himself and a tendency to proselytise for gay rights at every opportunity" by saying, "Little? You can call me many things but not little!"

Russell (6' 6") has been a partron of The Lesbian and Gay Foundation for almost ten years, and has actively supported the charity on many occasions.

Davies also reflected on the strong reactions from the gay community to his 2001 ITV drama 'Bob and Rose' - in particular the death threats he received: "[They] treated me like the betrayer of the cause, like I'd let down homosexuality."

Russell, who is leaving Doctor Who next year after the production of four TV specials, is expected to work on a new gay drama for the BBC in 2010.

You can read Russell T Davies' full interview with The Guardian here.

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    this is great that so many organisations are now flying the flag in support of IDAHO we will be flying the Flag on Wirral At Bromborough Police Station Open day 17th may