Over one gay marriage a day...it's the Greater Manchester way

Publish Date: 08/12/2008

Possible PartnersThree years after the UK's first Civil Partnership ceremony took place, research suggests that there's been more than one gay marriage a day in Greater Manchester.

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 allowed gay and lesbian couples to enter into Civil Partnerships and share the same legal rights as married couples.

The Manchester Evening News suggests that there have been 1,365 same-sex civil ceremonies in Greater Manchester - averaging more than one a day. Most couples tied the pink knot in Manchester - with 659 ceremonies held so far.

Other gay wedding hot spots in the region include Salford with 115 ceremonies since 2005, and Stockport with 108. Trafford and Bolton were both close to the hundred mark, with 97 an 91 ceremonies respectively. While Oldham had 71 ceremonies, Rochdale (65), Wigan (63), Tameside (52), and Bury (44).

On the national front, earlier this year PinkNews.co.uk, reported that less than 1% of Civil Partnerships end in 'divorce'.

Between December 2005 and December 2007 there were 24,629 Civil Partnerships in England and Wales and less than 250 have ended in dissolution.

Ben Summerskill, chief executive of gay rights group Stonewall, found the same sex marriage 'divorce' statistics most encouraging: "This is a small number and it confirms that many people entering into civil partnerships take it very seriously indeed."

In line with the burgeoning numbers of couples getting Civil Partnerships, much of the the gay marriage business is booming.

March 2009 sees the release of the book 'Civil Partnership', by gay rights campaigners and founders of Pink Weddings, Mike and Gino Meriano.

Mike and Gino have experienced the pressures of planning for the big day first hand - they were one of the first couples to get married when the Civil Partnership Act came into force in 2005. Their book covers everything from legal issues to info on planning the big day.

For more information on Civil Partnerships, click here.

  • Gareth Orriss

    Will there be a steward trying to get us to chant Q-U-E-E-R this time? Because as a gay man - I found this offensive, and it wasn't really the way to get the anti-homophobia message across to the general public.