outnorthwest issue 82

Publish Date: 24/06/2008

Outnorthwest 82Inside this issue:

â—Š FEATURE: Body Shock! - In an LGB media obsessed with the 'perfect' body, five outnorthwest readers share their personal stories of poor body image.

â—Š FEATURE: Round 2! - The gloves are back on. More of your responses to The Battle of the Sexualities.

â—Š NEWS FEATURE: Three pages of the latest news from Pride events around the North West.

â—Š {cms_selflink page='493' text='ONLINE INTERVIEW'} - ***Exclusive*** Interview with Pride Festival Director Jackie Crozier {cms_selflink page='493' text='CLICK'}

â—Š The latest news from around the region.
â—Š Essential healthy living information.
â—Š Scene reviews from around the North West.
â—Š The most comprehensive LGB listings in the North West.

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