outnorthwest issue 79

Publish Date: 28/03/2008

outnorthwest issue 79 coverTo mark the premiere of the Homotopia/Glasgay! theatre production, "ROCK" - we look at the secret gay history of Hollywood and the lengths people like Rock Hudson's agent would go to keep his client's sexuality a secret in tinseltown's heyday...

Inside this issue:

  • FEATURE: 'Rock And A Hard Place': We speak to actor Bette Bourne on his portrayal of Rock Hudson's manager in the new play.
  • FEATURE: 'Do Gay Celebs Have a Duty To Come Out?' - we ask YOU if you think there are enough celebrity LGB role models.
  • FEATURE: 'The Hollywood Closet' - acclaimed film writer Steven Paul Davies examines why Hollywood is so reluctant to embrace its LGB talent.


  • The latest news from around the region.
  • Essential healthy living information.
  • Scene reviews from around the North West.
  • The most comprehensive LGB listings in the North West.

You can download the latest issue by clicking the links below. Our apologies for the delay in getting this issue online this month - everything will be back to normal next month.

  • Linda Barnes-Frank

    What a fantastic night this was. Julie and I spent most of the night pinching ourselves at the mere fact that this event happened, let alone the mixture of people there. It was amazing, absolutely amazing. Ten years ago, it would have been unheard of, but in reality, it speaks volumes that, even today, we were so amazed that it has happened at all. After all of Julie's hard work, and it has been exceptionally difficult at times, everyone should be applauded at reaching a ten year anniversary where for the very first time in GMP history, people representative of all LGB&T backgrounds felt able to attend as who they are. It's taken ten hard, long years to reach this point. This is a foundation stone to build upon, not the pinnacle of achievement. We look forward to seeing the day when such an event is not so newsworthy and where it becomes the norm. There's a very long way to go before that day comes and we're still at the beginning of what is, and may still be, a very long journey ahead. Many thanks to the LGF for their support and coverage and, may we wish the very best of luck to those exceptionally dedicated and committed members of LAGSA who will no doubt carry on the good work.