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New Guide for Trans Patients and GPs

Published: 14 December 2017 Tags: Health, Trans. Guide, GPs, Monitoring, Gender Identity Clinic By John Walding

LGBT Foundation are proud to announce the publication of a new resource aimed at supporting GPs to understand their patients who are trans and providing more information for trans people as to what support they should expect to receive from their GP.

The second in our successful Trans Guides series, this issue was developed by our Pride in Practice Team who deliver free training and support to primary care services throughout Greater Manchester. The guide is based upon a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from supporting trans people in the context of visiting their GP and covers areas such as: Trans Status Monitoring, Changing a trans person’s name or gender marker, Referral to a Gender Identity Clinic and information on Hormone Replacement Therapy.

The Guide for both clinicians and patients, answers some of the initial questions a GP may have when supporting patients who are trans while also making sure to clearly set out what rights and expectations trans people should expect from their GP practice.

Trans Guide Issue 2 also contains useful links and further information around legislation which protects trans people and contacts for organisations that support trans patients making this an invaluable resource for anyone concerned with best practice and the care of trans people at GP surgeries.

Aimee Linfield, Trans Inclusion Coordinator on the Pride in Practice team said “Many GPs and trans people have told us that there is a real void in simple, reliable information around trans issues. With this Guide we have provided a resource to help bridge that gap and to enable our GPs to better understand the needs of their trans patients while providing ongoing support to those members of the trans community who require information on how to continue to get the best from their relationship with their GP.”

If you are in Greater Manchester or if your GP is in this area you can receive your free paper copy of this useful resource by sending your details to: [email protected]