Liverpool teachers to be trained in dealing with homophobic bullying

Publish Date: 06/02/2008

City council bosses have drafted in an anti-bullying expert following a report from pressure group Stonewall which found that half of teachers fail to respond when homophobic language is used by one pupil to another.

Director of support group EACH and anti-bullying expert Jonathan Charlsworth will deliver two days of workshops to school teachers this month.

Stuart Smith, executive director of children's services, told the council's community safety scrutiny panel: 'I do agree that this type of bullying is probably of epidemic proportions.

'I also accept the point that even those teachers who might frown upon racist and sexist bullying would allow 'gay' name calling and worse to go unchallenged.'

Liberal councillor Steve Radford, who is also the co-chairman of Liverpool's Gay Business Association, said the workshops were long overdue.

He told the Liverpool Echo: 'This is something that I have been pushing for and is a profound step in the right direction.'