Liverpool Pink - Past & Present : Homo Heroes!

Publish Date: 08/10/2009

I have a personal affinity for Liverpool.

I studied there, lived there, worked there, came out there and fell in love there.

And I’m still in love with the place and the people.

In fact it’s sometimes hard for me to separate who I am now from who I was in my formative gay years. Then I  was a young student finding my way around Liverpool’s gay scene by going to Jody’s or Sadie’s, hanging around the Curzon, Lisbon, Paco’s and Masquerade and travelling to a few more out of the way places that won’t be mentioned here for legal reasons!

Liverpool was great for me because although it was tough economically, this being the late 1980’s, I was taking advantage of the brand new student loans scheme. I was making my own way, there was no road mapped out for me so the people I met along the way had a lasting impression on me, so much so that I haven’t been able to move too far away ever since.

Over the last few years Liverpool has come on leaps and bounds in establishing itself as a city worthy of note for LGB & T tourist’s while celebrating its own LGB & T heritage with groundbreaking festivals like Homotopia, Outsiders Film Festival and exhibitions like 'Hello Sailor' at the Merseyside Maritime Museum.

'Our Story, Liverpool' also recently showcased how lesbians and gay men lived their lives in the city thirty, forty and fifty years ago; featuring oral history interviews gathered by Liverpool's gay history project.

It’s great to hear then that there is now a brand new visual historical documentary being made of Liverpool’s gay scene and this rich history promises to provide a wonderful insight into the many characters and personalities that have played their part in making the city what it is today.

Often overlooked by the gay village in Manchester, Liverpool has until very recently not been celebrated as one of the UK’s more gay affirmative cities but the bohemian nature of the many bars, cafes and clubs and the sheer wit, humour and determination of the locals to celebrate life -whatever it throws up, looks sure to be represented in this colourful new film made by the pioneers, ground breakers, heroes and sheroes of Liverpool’s LGBT community.

Pink – Past and Present is a historical documentary of the Liverpool Gay scene in all its many facets. Currently there are the beginnings of an archive over on face book

Stephan Barr who is helping to co-ordinate the project says “The response has been fantastic from the community, but we need more older women!” he says. We have had some fantastic input from older LGB & T’s who are now part of the steering group, helping with the filming and content and also learning a few new tricks along the way by helping to put the whole project together.”

The project would love to hear from you if you have any old photographs, flyers, videos etc to include in the documentary - especially of characters such as Sadie, Harry, Gordon Shearer and Monica, as well as places such as the Masquerade, Sadie's and the Bears Paw. Anyone who might have photos of the scene in ‘them days’ and maybe even video footage is encouraged to get in touch-  rest assured that confidentiality will be respected

From what has been filmed so far this looks set to be e an excellent insight into Liverpool’s LGB & T heritage - even the seedy bits they say! But we won‘t go there, just yet….

If you would like to contribute along with me please get in touch with
Jane Farley, or Stephan Barr on 01517085767 or e-mail

Pink: Past & Present will be screened before the end of the year in Liverpool and has been supported by Age Concern Liverppol, The Armistead Centre, Liverpool LGBT Network, Silver Pride, The Bethlehem Project, Queer Notions, Outsiders Film Festival and Homotopia.


  • eva j

    I am looking for information on Gordon Shearer who is/was my first cousin.

  • Emma S

    Hi Eva J, if we're talking about the same Gordon Shearer, then you are my dad's first cousin, my second cousin!!