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Publish Date: 05/08/2007

The Sexual Orientation Regulations (SOR) have been in force in Northern Ireland since January 1st 2007.

Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly delayed their introduction to England and Wales until April, after protests from religious groups.

The Lesbian and Gay Foundation believe that the regulations should be welcomed because they give people of all sexual orientation the same right not to be discriminated against, as already exists in respect of religion, race or gender.

Lord Morrow of the Democratic Unionist Party called to annul the Sexual Orientation Regulations (SOR), which outlaw discrimination in the provision of goods and services on the grounds of sexuality

The Lords voted 199 to 66 to reject Lord Morrow's motion. 41 Tory peers voted against the Sexual Orientation Regulations. 10 voted for them. No Lib Dem or Labour peers voted against the SOR. The Bishop of Worcester, The Rt. Rev Peter Selby, voted for the SOR. 4 bishops voted against.

LGF's Andrew Gilliver was invited onto Terry Christian's Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Manchester on Tuesday 9th January to talk about this with Dr Hans-Christian Raabe of the Maranatha Community one of the faith groups who are concerned that the regulations not only force people to assist and promote activities contrary to the historic teachings of their faith, whether Christian, Jewish or Muslim, but also censor them from speaking freely about their beliefs.

On 10th January Ashley Byrne interviewed Thomas Cordray from The Lawyers Christian Fellowship and Andrew Gilliver on the BBC's Citizen Manchester "Gay Night" programme after the House of Lords vote.

You can listen to both interviews by downloading them from the links below.

Clip 1 - BBC Radio Manchester Breakfast Show with Terry Christian

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Clip 2 - Citizen Manchester "Gay Night" with Ashley Byrne

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