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LGBT Foundation’s Cisgender Women Leadership Stand In Solidarity with Trans and Non-Binary Communities and say “Not In Our Name”

Published: 06 July 2020 Tags: By Joe Nellist

Over the past few years, trans and non-binary people in the U.K. have undergone a sustained vitriolic attack seemingly from all directions.

On a daily basis, trans and non-binary people encounter inaccurate and dehumanising information about them in newspapers, have their right to exist debated on television, and are subject to an increased level of abuse and hate crime both on the street and in the home. It’s easy to think of trans people as a faceless collective that you may never encounter, but the reality is quite different. Every trans person who is harassed, abused, discriminated against or excluded is a human being who wants the same things as everybody else – to live happily, safely, and without fear. Trans people are your friends, neighbours, colleagues, partners, spouses, children and grandchildren.

The media and those who oppose rights for trans people often perpetuate the narrative that trans women pose a threat to cisgender women. The implication being that if trans people use spaces that correspond with their gender then they are either a) harming women and girls directly, or b) removing the rights of cisgender women.

The message we want to convey is clear and straightforward - not in our name. We reject the false narrative that the rights of trans and non-binary people are in any way at odds with the rights of cisgender women. Unfortunately, the voices of many cisgender women are often silenced because they don’t fit with the false narrative. Similarly, the experiences of trans men are commonly used as a political football rather than listened to in any meaningful way.

As cisgender women, we will continue to use every opportunity to challenge false narratives and join with trans and non-binary communities in our collective march towards equality.

We believe that rights for trans and non-binary people, does not come at the expense of rights for anybody else. We must all work collectively to end discrimination and abuse of all women and trans people. We invite others to join us in supporting, accepting and welcoming our trans and non-binary friends, colleagues and loved ones.


Rachel Bottomley - Assistant Director of Contracts & Finance

Olivia Butterworth - Co-chair

Charlotte Cooke - Assistant Director of Services

Jax Effiong - Trustee

Sharmila Kar - Trustee

Terrae Lawrence-Tulloch - Trustee

Emma Meehan - Assistant Director of Public Affairs

Debra Nixon - Assistant Director of Self-Generated Income

Anjalee Pawasker - Trustee

Rachel Waterman - Director of Operations