LGB & Muslim?

Publish Date: 05/08/2007

How can the LGB community talk about this subject with Muslim leaders in an honest, respectful and totally confidential way?

The Lesbian and Gay Foundation has been approached by Greater Manchester psychotherapist Dr. John Casson to consult with gay and lesbian Muslims in the North West on this very subject.

Dr.Casson would like to hear from local Muslim LGBs to help him understand their concerns and hopefully raise the issue of homosexuality with influential Muslim leaders in order to move forward in an area that has so far proved difficult for many people to talk about.

Dr. Casson is seeking a dialogue with Muslim scholars and leaders to discuss this area of concern.It is hoped that this will develop mutual understanding and room for further discussion on this issue as well as begin the process of supporting gay and lesbian Muslims.

Dr. Casson is initially looking to meet with one lesbian or bisexual woman and one gay or bisexual man who is prepared to discuss with him what it is like to be gay and Muslim in Britain today.

If you would like to know more please contact: joncassun@beeb.net

Please note: All discussions will be carried out in the strictest confidence.