Latvia: Riga Pride takes call against homphobia to the streets

Publish Date: 29/05/2008

Drag queen at Riga Pride
On Saturday 31 May, Riga Pride will be allowed on to the streets for the first time in its three-year history.
In previous years the event has either been banned or restricted to a fenced off park. The two times the event has gone ahead (2005 and 2007) it has been subject to verbal and physical attacks.
Last year's event was marred by a vociferous counter demonstration and two smoke bombs were thrown at marchers. One of the bombs landed at the feet of the chief of police. However, the assailant escaped with a community sentence.
Amnesty International UK's LGBT Campaigner, Kim Manning-Cooper, is leading the UK delegation. The UK section is one of 27 Amnesty International sections due to attend the event.
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