Interview with LGF Chief Executive

Publish Date: 07/04/2008

Paul Martin, LGF CEO
Christine Burns MBE, chairs the North West region's Equality and Diversity Group — a forum for over fifty public, private and voluntary sector stakeholder organisations, including the Regional Assembly, the Regional Development Agency and Government Office North West.
She has worked for some time as an advisor or workstream chair in committees set up by the Department of Health.
She is also regularly booked as a keynote speaker and provides off-the-shelf or customised training and talks on diversity topics.

Christine is also responsible for Just Plain Sense, a website devoted to a mix of talks and interviews about Equality and Diversity in Britain today

Recently, Christine spoke to LGF Chief Executive Paul Martin about the background of the organisation, and why places like Manchester have become centres of LGB culture.
Courtesy of Christine and the Just Plain Sense website, you can listen to this interview by clicking the play button on the media player below.

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