Homophobic bullying rates on the increase

Publish Date: 11/04/2008

Almost four times the amount of school boys (11%) than girls (3%) were bullied for being gay and only around one in three (59%) of Liverpool young people experiencing homophobic bullying in schools said staff had been aware of it.

The figures show that almost two-thirds of young lesbian, gay and bisexual people in the city experienced homophobic bullying last year and that only one of the people questioned tried to report the incidents to a school staff member.

The same person also said that they didn't feel they were able to disclose the nature of the homophobic bullying.

Seventy five per cent of students in faith schools were the victims of homophobic bullying last year with 92% of those having experienced verbal homophobic bullying, 41% physical bullying and 17% death threats. Those bullied in faith schools were also reported to be less likely than pupils in other schools to report it.

More than half of the young people bullied for being gay or lesbian last year purposely missed school because of it and one in five of the children skipped school more than six times because of the bullying.

The Bullying Audit states that of all those who were bullied, 92% received verbal abuse, 76% received malicious gossip, 62% received intimidating looks, 58% were ignored and isolated, 41% were bullied through the internet, 41% received physical abuse, 30% were victims of vandalism and/or theft of property and 17% received death threats.

SOURCES: Liverpool City Council Bullying Audit 2007; Stormbreak Research and Consultancy; report commissioned by Liverpool City Council and Stonewall, The School Report 2007.