Got wood? Get rubber! LGF and Durex play together

Publish Date: 12/09/2008

Durex condoms pride adDurex knows all about the importance of good sex to overall wellbeing and happiness. Charles Shepherd, Head of Health Promotion at Durex said, "It's a proven fact that sex is good for you, orgasms release endorphins giving you a natural high and also release hormones which improve your mood. And whilst having fun, make sure you play safely" However statistics from the Durex Sexual Wellbeing Survey show that only 40% of the UK population are fully satisfied with their sex lives.

This commitment to improving sexual wellbeing along with helping to reduce the spread of HIV and STIs is what the LGF is continually working towards and promoting.

The LGF are delighted to be working with Durex, market leaders in condoms and lubricants, who have supported various campaigns for both gay and bisexual men, and lesbian and bisexual women in the past.

Charles Shepherd continued, " We are very pleased to be working with the LGF. At Durex we are always keen to support initiatives promoting safer and better sex, and improving attitudes and access to condoms."

Condom packOne of the key aims of the LGF is to reduce the numbers of gay and bisexual men who are picking up and passing on HIV. One of the biggest ways to do this is make sure that those men have easy access to the tools they need - condoms, and water-based lube.

Packs, specifically designed for LGF will include 2 Durex Elite condoms and 2 Durex Play Feel lubricant sachets. Individual Elite condoms will also be available. Durex Elite are ultra fine condoms with extra lube giving heightened sensitivity.

FACT! All of the gay bars and clubs in Manchester's world famous Gay Village make the LGF's condoms and lube freely available on their bar tops. And it's not just pubs and clubs; they can also be grabbed from sexual health clinics, saunas, hotels and loads of other venues throughout Greater Manchester.

FACT! The LGF provide over 600,000 individual condoms and 600,000 individual sachets of water-based lube per year, to gay and bisexual men, through over 75 unique distribution outlets across the county.

FACT! At Manchester Pride 2008 (15th-25th August), the LGF made sure that even more men could access free condoms and lube whenever they need. On average the LGF distributes over 80,000 condoms and the same amount of lube sachets during the Pride festival.

These resources are supported by our generous partners at Greater Manchester Primary Care Trusts and Manchester Pride itself, with a proportion of revenue from Pride ticket sales going directly to LGF to make sure there are enough condoms and lube to go around all through the year.

As part of this working together users of the LGF condom scheme will be able to take advantage of a 10% discount for Durex products online. To read more about how to get your discount click here or on the Durex logo at the bottom of any page.

This exciting new partnership between the LGF and Durex will make sure that what is already an essential part of local gay life will continue to be in our bedside drawers (and other places) for a long time to cum...

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