Gay film director John Waters shows President Obama the way.

Publish Date: 21/01/2009

Barack ObamaYesterday was a historic day for America, as Barack Obama was sworn in as America's first black President.

In his inauguration speech, the 44th President of the United States highlighted the challenges in front of him, and also spoke of of uniting and rebuilding America.


To see the BBC's full interview with John Waters, click here.


Millions of eyes around the world were on Washington to see the President being sworn in, as many see the appointment of the Democratic Obama as heralding a new era of hope and change in America, after President Bush's controversial administration.

Obama's administration were praised for selecting the openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, to deliver the invocation as part of President Obama's inaugural week.

Bishop Robinson's invocation was held at the Lincoln Memorial two days before the President was sworn in. It asked, "the God of our many understandings" for seven blessings, and to help Obama, as President, in seven ways."

However, many gay activists were upset that Robinson's prayer was omitted from the live TV broadcast of the inauguration events, and the Presidential Inauguration Committee's blog of events.

If President Obama is finding presidential life too stressful - help is at hand from an unusual source. Cult film-maker and gay legend John Waters (Hairspray, Cry Baby, Pecker) has made himself available as Obama's chief aide. He's got tips for President Obama on everything from gay marriage, Don't Ask Don't Tell (gay people in the army), welfare, and most importantly chilling out from the pressures of Presidential life!