Enough is Enough

Publish Date: 20/08/2008

Almost all of us have experienced homophobia at some point in our lives and we know that there are cases where people have been murdered just because of their sexuality.

We have to challenge this and we need you to help us.
Through a simple postcard questionnaire we will be asking people what happened to them, where it happened and when it happened.

Homophobia is a crime. If you haven't reported it yet or taken any action we can help you - even if you just want to tell us more about your experience.

Just fill in your contact details on the online form or include it in your email or letter and we'll get in touch.

Homophobia can be anything from verbal or physical abuse or damage to property.

We want to invite people to share their stories with us (anonymously) so that we can gather enough information about how homophobia affects us all and:

• Highlight the issue with local authorities, police authorities, housing agencies, funders etc.
• Share our stories for the benefit of other lesbian gay and bisexual people so they are informed about what to do if they are ever in a position to challenge homophobia.
• Hold people to account who do not take homophobia seriously enough i.e: schools, employers, venue owners etc.
• Let people know that homophobia in all it's forms is unacceptable and we will not tolerate it.

Please do fill in a postcard, you can download the postcards below and send it back to us via email.

Together we can stamp out homophobia wherever it appears, but we can't do it without you.


Postcard download - microsoft word (send back via email)
Postcard download - pdf (post back to the lgf)

You can post the pdf version of the postcard to:

The Lesbian and Gay Foundation
4th Floor,
Princess House,
105-107 Princess Street
Manchester M1 6DD