Body Positive North West "go4it!"

Publish Date: 25/11/2008

Green RibbonAccording to research four in ten gay men with HIV in the UK are unaware that they are positive. Estimates suggest that around half of gay men with undiagnosed HIV acquired it in the past year. Furthermore latest research suggests that gay men would be much less likely to refuse HIV testing if the results were available in minutes rather than days or weeks.

It is with this research in mind that Manchester HIV charity Body Positive North West (BPNW) has teamed up with Brook Manchester and Manchester Action on Street Health (MASH), to launch a campaign to raise awareness of 60 second HIV testing.

BPNW, Brook and MASH offer free instant HIV testing at a number of locations across Manchester, and BPNW have just launched an instant testing clinic at Spirit Bar on Canal Street (Wednesdays 10am - 1pm).

The partners are hoping that the 'Go4it!' initiative will encourage gay men to take an instant test and live confidently with the result. Click here for more information on "go4it" and a list of all the clinics across the North West offering instant HIV testing.

Also, to mark the 21st World Aids Day, Body Positive are launching a green ribbon as a symbol of their new campaign. While the red ribbon is the symbol of HIV, green ribbons have been used before by health campaigns as a call to action, and BPNW are hoping the green ribbon will become the symbol of HIV testing.