At last we can stand up and be counted!

Publish Date: 10/12/2008

national office of statistics logoAfter recommendations from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) sexual identity project, as of January 2009 a question regarding sexual identity will be included on national surveys.

From January, the question about sexual identity will be asked as a core question on all surveys covered under the Intergrated Household Survey.

The inclusion of the question will allow for more accurate baseline estimates, of the size and characteristics of the LGB population in the UK, to be produced and evaluated by ONS.

The Office of National Statistics are hoping that a standard approach with regard to the sexuality question will be taken by all organisations collecting evidence and statistics.

They are writing to the Heads of Profession to encourage them to incorporate a sexual identity question on any surveys that they commission, and are asking customers who fund other social surveys conducted by ONS to consider incuding the question on all surveys as soon as possible.

Gay rights groups, have long battled to get a sexual orientation question included on national surveys, so the ONS latest move will come as great encouragement to groups campaigning to get the sexual identity question included on the national census.

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