Here are the 'Kitchens' created by our project participants with assistance from the CYHM team.

Agnes - Nigerian BushAngie and Andrea - Supporting Each Other
Cathy - Kitchen By The SeaElisavet - Life Has Two Doors
Glory - Women I Would Have In My KitchenMarline - Good Days and Bad Days
Rachel - Where I LiveRuth - African Kitchen
Sarah B - Messy Kitchen, Messy Mind
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Nigerian Bush

Agnes says, "My childhood in the bush - the good and the bad days - where I hid and played. A kitchen set in the bush - fire, rocks and a huge cooking pot for her extended family - the landscape surrounds you with the colours of Africa and the audio lulls you with the birds calling behind Agnes's words."

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Supporting Each Other

Angie & Andrea say, "Our kitchen is designed to reflect the support we give to each other; through good times and bad."

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Kitchen By The Sea

Sounds of the sea accompany this highly individual kitchen - Cathy has created essential items like taps and cupboards alongside paintings redolent of seaside days and personalised the walls with the flotsam & jetsam of postcards and stuff that remind us of our friends and moments of our lives that we all keep.

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Life Has Two Doors

Elisavet says, "Landscape of my life and loss and celebration of the blue Aegean Greece."

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Women I Would Have In My Kitchen

The focus of this kitchen set, was to create a sophisticated gallery of black and white images of women that Glory would like to have in her kitchen. The kitchen theme has been interpreted and developed into a personal vision about women she knows and admires.

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Good Days and Bad Days

Marline says, "Welcome to my kitchen – the noise you can hear is how it sounds in my head on a bad day.

"I designed my kitchen as a tranquil space; somewhere I can come to and relax, when the noise gets too much. Please come through the curtain to my tranquil space and I will serve you tea."

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Where I Live

Rachel says, "My kitchen is the physical imagining of the place where I live in my head.

The audio is made up of two songs that mean a lot to me: Mika – “Happy Ending” which I walked down the aisle to, and “Rainbow Connection” by The Muppets, which sums up my World. Come into my forest for a visit and a chat."

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African Kitchen

Ruth has used textiles and images to create a kitchen that highlights her cultural roots - with maps of Africa and its wildlife on the walls.

It’s a kitchen full of tropical fruit and the detritus of kitchen breakfasts - egg boxes, tea, cereal boxes and so on. "Welcome to my kitchen - please come in for breakfast and have a chat."

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Messy Kitchen, Messy Mind

Sarah B says, "My kitchen shows my love of Harry Potter and the chaos that surrounds me like it is in my mind. Please feel free to come in and have a good look around."

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