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Our Stories: Lizzie's story of experiencing abuse

Date Published: 15/08/2016

As part of our campaign: 'Lesbian and Bisexual Women & Abuse', Lizzie* tells us about her experiences of abuse.

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Date Published: 28/07/2016

LGBT Foundation Drug & Alcohol Service in partnership with Patrick Cash and Dragonflies Theatre are hosting a free event for gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men to enable open conversation on the subject of chemsex in Manchester.

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ALL NEW IMPROVED: Pride in Practice!

Date Published: 25/07/2016

For the last four years our GP quality assurance service has been supporting clinicians, practice managers and staff to effectively meet the needs of lesbian, gay and bisexual people. Now the service is to be improved by becoming fully trans inclusive and by extending the project’s reach to include support for dentists, optometrists and pharmacies across Greater Manchester. However, none of this is possible without the direct input of LGBT people like you …

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Lesbian and Bisexual Women & Abuse: Coercive Control

Date Published: 21/07/2016

In support of the Women's Programme's campaign for lesbian and bisexual women on abuse, Amber Edmondson, a legal and rights-focussed writer, talks from her personal professional experience about coercive control. 

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LGBT Foundation response:UK Government Trans Equality Enquir…

Date Published: 08/07/2016

Legal processes for registering a change of gender are to be overhauled and being transgender will no longer be deemed a mental illness by any public body.However there is much more still to do as a result of the government’s review of the 2004 Gender Recognition Act.

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Statement from LGBT Sector Leaders on EU Referendum

Date Published: 30/06/2016

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans sectors are strong, resilient and passionately believe in equality for all. It is important this is the first message we send—one of positivity, one of strength and one of solidarity not only with our own communities but with all diverse communities—at a time when hard fought freedoms could be at threat.

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Meet our Volunteer: Samantha Steele

Date Published: 30/06/2016

As part of the Women's Programme Volunteer Corner, Samantha Steele tells us about her experience of working with lesbian and bisexual women who are seeking asylum..

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Lesbian and Bisexual Women & Abuse: Power, norms and dom…

Date Published: 29/06/2016

To launch our campaign for lesbian and bisexual women on abuse, Women's Programme volunteer Anna Nikoghosyan talks about power, norms and domestic abuse in relationships between women. 

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Manchester to stand united in face of Orlando hate crime

Date Published: 13/06/2016

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OPINION: PrEP needed today, not tomorrow

Date Published: 06/06/2016

Rob Cookson, Deputy Chief Executive of LGBT Foundation shares his personal views on the recent decision by NHS England not to commission PrEP - the drug that could halt the spread of HIV.

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