Your services, your voice

Publish Date: 19/02/2013


The Best Possible Service

All of us rely on our local health and social care services at some point in our lives. And when we need them for ourselves or our family, we want the best possible services.

Have Your Say

To get the best local services people need a say. You need to be able to influence what services are available, how they are delivered and who delivers them. You also need to be able to challenge services that aren’t up to scratch.


To do this, a new consumer champion for health and social care – Healthwatch – has been created.

Click here to find out where your local Healthwatch will be. To be effective it needs to be truly representative of local people. They have to involve people of all ages and from all sections of the community -including those who have never been involved before. It needs people like you to get involved.

Everyone can get involved in local Healthwatch. A new website has been set up by a partnership of charities, including The LGF, to make it easier to be part of it.

If you are interested in getting involved or just want more information go to the new website.