Your Eurovision Rights

Publish Date: 23/05/2012

The European International Lesbian and Gay Association Europe (ILGA-Europe) index, which rates 49 countries on more than 40 categories recently published their 2012 Rainbow Map of LGBT Europe.

The ILGA Rainbow Map rates each countries laws based on issues such as: LGBT asylum, equality and non-discrimination, bias motivated speech/crime , partnerships and parenting rights, freedom of association, assembly and expression and legal gender recognition.

The good news is that Britain's recognition of civil partnerships and anti-discrimination laws have propelled it to the top of the ILGA-Europe index .

The bad news is that Russia and Moldova remain at the bottom of the rankings, along with Armenia,Azerbaijan,Belarus,Cyprus,Georgia,Latvia,Liechtenstein,Macedonia,Malta,Monaco,San Marino,Turkey,Ukraine and many more countries struggling at the bottom of the table.

So what does that mean in Eurovision voting terms? – Well just for fun (not that we’re trying to influence your voting on the night you understand) we‘ve put the ILGA index through the Eurovision voting formula.

It’s important to say that this voting system is based on ILGA Europe's rankings and there is no intended political bias (!) 

If you disagree with the votes of our jury let us know what you think in the comments box below.

Here are the results of The Lesbian & Gay Foundation’s Jury

( with full acknowledgement to ILGA Europe)

12 points go to… United Kingdom

10 points go to… Germany, Spain, Sweden,

 8 points go to… Belgium, Hungary, Norway, Portugal, The Netherlands,

 7 points go to… Austria, Croatia, Finland, Iceland

 6 points go to… Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia

 5 points go to… Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria,France, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland

 4 points go to… Andorra, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Lithuania, Poland

 3 points go to… Belarus, Cyprus, Georgia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Malta

 2 points go to… Monaco, San Marino, Turkey

 1 point goes to… Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine, FYR Macedonia

 0 points go to… Russia, Moldova

To see how we came to this result take a look at the official ILGA Rainbow Map of Europe:

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