Why you need to take the Youth Chances survey

Publish Date: 24/08/2012

Youth Chances, the national survey for young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender or who are questioning their sexuality or gender identity (LGBTQ) will be at Manchester Pride this weekend.

Take it NOW!: www.youthchances.org/survey

Head over to their stall the Lifestyle Expo on Saturday, Sunday and Monday to complete the survey on ipad tablet computers and get a range of resources including posters and flyers and badges for everyone, as well as wrist-bands, bus/train ticket holders and yo-yos to those who complete the survey.

Check-out their new film to see why you should take part in the survey:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv_cXnlixhQ

Youth Chances is the first ever research project to explore the impact of sexuality and gender on the life chances of 16-25 years olds across England.

The research is focusing on the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans young people, as well as those questioning their sexuality or gender (LGBTQ young people). The evidence collected will help to inform and improve the services that are provided for young people by sharing them with organisations who deliver services and commissioners who allocate money to those services.

Youth Chances is led by the Metro Centre in partnership with the University of Greenwich and Ergo Consulting and funded by the Big Lottery.

By collecting experiences of 15,000 16-25 year olds across England the aim is to present comprehensive data on the good and the bad of growing up in 2012 when you are LGBTQ. Help fill out the survey and send it round to any and all the networks of young people you know.

Fill in the Youth Chances survey for a chance to win £500!