What does Same-Sex Civil Marriage mean to you?

Publish Date: 13/11/2012

In March to June 2012 The Government launched a consultation which set out their proposals to enable same-sex couples in England to have a civil marriage.

This consultation received 228,000 responses - one of the biggest responses ever to a government consultation. This is a major issue not only in England but around the globe, it dominates media headlines and various campaigns both for and against equal marriage sprung up everywhere.

In Scotland the government have announced plans for it to be introduced, in Northern Ireland a recent motion has been defeated in the Stormont Assembly, in Wales responses to a consultation are being considered and in the Republic of Ireland the matter is to be considered via the Constitutional Convention.Across the pond in the U.S the debate rages on with Obama coming out in ‘personal’ support of same-sex marriage, along with a host of celebrities.

We are now looking for the following types of people to share their story with us and the media to highlight how any changes might affect people;

·         Same-sex couples who are waiting to get married.

·         Same-sex couples in a civil partnership who wish to convert to a marriage.

·         Children who want their same-sex parents to be able to marry.

·         Parents who would like all their children, gay and straight to be able to marry.

Read some examples of real people's stories here.

Do you fall into any of these categories and wish to express your views with the media and on The LGF's website? We would love to hear from you! Email equal@lgf.org.uk or call 0845 3 30 30 30.