We want the Lords to Love Equal Marriage!

Publish Date: 26/04/2013

We want the Lords to Love Equal Marriage!

Thousands of you came out in support of equal marriage, contacting your MPs, leaving messages of support and being outspoken on the issue.

On 5th February 2013 the amazing news came in that The Marriage Bill was passed by The House of Commons, with a majority vote of 400 to 175. Without your support, we would not so be so close to gaining marriage equality.

Yet this was just the first stage of the parliamentary process. In the coming weeks, the Bill will go to The House of Lords where it is likely it will face challenge.

Take Action Now

Now it’s time to take action again. We need to lobby the Lords, as we did our MPs.

1.    If you know a peer, lobby him or her.

2.    If you don’t, try to choose one that has a similar interest, is from your home town or that share a similar background. You can search for Lords and email them direct at www.writetothem.com/lords

3.    You can also write to the Lords – House of Lords, London, SW1 OPA

Template Text

You can use our template text to write or email to The Lords. Feel free to personalise this and say why it’s so important to you!

Dear Lord/ Baroness / Earl

(Insert personalised text about what equal marriage means to you. It's important to personalise the letter as the House of Lords won't accept lots of copies of the same letter!).

As you may or not be aware the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill is currently going through Parliament and will soon be sent from the House of Commons to his Lordships House for debate by peers. I am writing to urge you to support this Bill.

The Bill will enable members of the LGB&T community to achieve full equal status in British society. The bill will be the complete the final piece of the legislative jig saw concerning LGB&T rights in the UK.

The bill will allow same sex couples to marry for the first time, making them equal to their straight friends in society. It will allow same sex couples to marry in religious organisations, but only where that organisation agrees to carry out the ceremony. Civil partnerships were an important step, but separate is not equal!

I urge you to support the bill and help to achieve this final legislative hurdle for thousands of LGBT individuals up and down the UK.

Help make LGB&T people equal in the eyes of the law.


Yours sincerely 

Support the campaign at lgbt.foundation/equal 

  • Rachel Mann

    I am a minister of religion. Do not imagine that 'being religious' means one is against equal marriage. It's time for equality and respect for LGBT people.

  • philipendersby2805

    Come let us join the rest of the world in rejoicing in allowing everyone to marry