Publish Date: 23/08/2012

If you have ever felt you wanted to represent your community in something that you are interested in but never thought you could do it, or didn’t know how to get involved – then we can help you!
So why get involved?
Often the issues that directly affect the lesbian, gay and bisexual community may go unheard or un-addressed, unless there is an active voice around the table that is championing the needs of our community.
Do you get annoyed whenever your sexual orientation isn’t even taken into consideration? Perhaps you feel that you have to publically ‘out’ yourself at work every time other colleagues are talking about their boyfriends or girlfriends?
You can make a difference!
‘We Exist’ tells you all about the different ways you can volunteer in your community, whether at work, in education, sport, faith, health & wellbeing, housing, policing and politics – and be an ‘LGB Community Champion’.
The Lesbian & Gay Foundation want to help you get to the places that we can’t reach  and we want to support you in supporting others too. If your interested in getting involved but not sure where to start – get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!
Visit lgbt.foundation/exist or email darren.knight@lgf.org.uk for more information.