Volunteers' Week: Jon's Story

Publish Date: 03/06/2013

Jon's Story

Jon, 28, is an English graduate working in a law firm. The sense of community at Pride inspired him to volunteer and he now provides office support, and also does outreach work and Village Census collection.

Jon has experienced very little prejudice. At Pride 2010, he attended the candlelit vigil to commemorate those lost to HIV, and realised not everyone is so lucky.

Jon is a self-confessed nit-picker, putting his perfectionism to good use in the LGF office. He found first aid and sexual health training helpful, both practically and personally. Collecting data for the Village Census made approaching people easier, boosting his confidence. In addition to making new friends, volunteering has raised his awareness of issues in the LGBT community. 

Jon has also helped organise the first ever 'LGF Feast', which brought together LGF staff, trustees and volunteers.

For more information about Volunteering visit lgbt.foundation/volunteer