Transgender Day of Remembrance 2013: Manchester unites in memorial

Publish Date: 20/11/2013

Manchester is holding a special service at the National Transgender Memorial in Sackville Gardens to remember those we have lost through transphobia.

The International Transgender Day of Remembrance is held all over the world and the memorial service will take place at 4pm on Sunday 24 November in Sackville Gardens, Sackville Street, in the heart of the Gay Village. Candles will be provided, but you may also bring your own candles and floral tributes.

Afterwards a reception will be held at Polari on Canal Street at 6pm, which will also give people an opportunity to sign the Community Book of Remembrance. 

The book was launched at a special event in September which saw key members of the LGBT community speak about loved ones that they have lost. 

The event also marked the death of Carol Ainscow, a pioneering businesswoman and property developer who was instrumental in regenerating run-down parts of Manchester, including the Village. Carol, who had been battling a brain tumour, opened Manto, one of the first openly-gay bars on Canal Street.

The Community Book of Remembrance was also dedicated to transgender Lancashire teacher Lucy Meadows, who tragically took her own life back in March after her story became national news.

Anyone wishing to sign the Community Book of Remembrance is welcome to pop into The LGF, Monday – Friday from 10am.

The newly created 12 foot tall wooden memorial sculpture was unveiled in August in Sackville Gardens, directly behind the Beacon of Hope, and is home to the world’s first substantial transgender remembrance memorial and garden.

For further information, please visit the memorial Facebook page: