Tony Warren in Rare Public Appearance

Publish Date: 07/03/2013

The Creator of Coronation Street (and Patron of The Lesbian & Gay Foundation), Tony Warren, will be speaking at Manchester's gay-led Metropolitan Community Church on Saturday 23rd March at 7pm.  The event is hosted by St Ninian's church on Wilbraham Road and Egerton Road South in Chorlton.   

Tony promises to tell  the real story of the birth of Coronation Street - of the stars he helped make famous and the many exciting doors that the show has opened for him.  The second half of this special evening will be dictated by the audience who will be invited to ply him with questions.

 Warren is an award-winning television scriptwriter, best known for creating Coronation Street but has also been an actor, created other TV dramas and has written critically acclaimed novels.  He has won a string of awards for his work and was given the MBE in 1994.  He wrote Coronation Street when he was only 24, in 1960, and was openly gay - despite homosexuality still being criminalized until 1967.  

Warren rarely appears in public but is delighted to be taking part in this fundraiser for the church. He says: “I first found the Metropolitan Community Church in San Francisco and I have many friends in Manchester MCC.  It’s one of the great unsung attractions of gay life in Manchester.”

Tickets are available from the church website or via 0161 881 6050 and cost just £12.