The LGF wins at the North West Public Health Awards 2012

Publish Date: 06/11/2012


The awards,established in 2006, continue to promote excellence and innovation in public health development across the North West. They will be presented at the North West Regional Annual Public Health Conference, held at the Point Lancashire Cricket Ground, Old Trafford on the 6th November 2012.

The LGF have been highly commended for their Condom and Lube Distribution Scheme (CLDS) in the Wellbeing for All category.

LGF staff and volunteers distribute over 600,000 condoms and 600,000 sachets of lube every year to nearly 100 bars, clubs, universities, saunas, sexual health clinics and other service across Greater Manchester, making it one of the largest health interventions targeted at LGB people in the UK.

Sigma Research also indentified the LGF’s CLDS as the most accessible of six other gay and bisexual men’s condom schemes in the UK.

From our 2010 ‘Proud to be Safer’ survey of over 350 gay and bisexual men from across Greater Manchester:

·         More than 9 out 10 men access the condom scheme

·         More than 8 of 10 men were more likely to use condoms for anal sex because the LGF provides them

·         10 out of 10 would recommend the condom scheme

For more information on The LGF’s testing services visit

  • Munir

    Yes its true,I am using those condom since i been 1st time in LGF office before i never know about this.Now i am happy to get and i am still using with comfortable. Thank you LGF