The LGF’s highlights for LGBT History Month 2014!

Publish Date: 28/02/2014

In honour of LGBT History Month 2014, here’s a round-up of our most memorable highlights from the past month...

To commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, The LGF presented a multimedia exhibition, film screenings and discussions to remember the LGB&T victims of the Holocaust.

For Time to Talk Day on 6th February, we held staff events throughout the day to encourage people to talk more about mental health, raise awareness and to share the message that mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, neither is talking about it.

In anticipation of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, we sent a message of support - ‘To Russia With Love’ - to our LGB&T brothers and sisters in Russia from everyone at The LGF.

Manchester showed its solidarity for LGB&T Russians by holding its very first Pride House during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. Thousands of supporters gathered on Canal Street for Manchester’s very own alternative opening ceremony for the games and The LGF were at the starting line for the procession around the Village. We live tweeted from the event and we were privileged to receive a response from Coming Out in St Petersburg to thank us for our support.

We also supported the Queer Contact Festival, which included a performance of new writing to draw attention to homophobia in Russia entitled 'To Russia With Love: Stage' and we featured interviews with Jackie Kay and Patience Agbabi in the latest issue of outnorthwest.

We hosted Pride House’s discussion on Homophobia v’s Football and staff from The LGF marked what would have been the 53rd birthday of Justin Fashanu by wearing football shirts to work (for a £5 donation towards our Safer Schools Packs).

For LGBT Children, Young People and Families Day, we celebrated by offering a pop in for people aged between 11-25 to meet and chat with other young people (with free tea and cake!). This was followed by a film screening of But I’m A Cheerleader. 

The LGF invited the local community to take part in this year's LGBT Question Time 2014 - hosted by Manchester City Council - by asking their own questions to LGB&T organisations and service providers from across Manchester. We had a brilliant turnout with over 60 people attending and having their say about what issues were important to them. You can listen to the full unedited audio recording of the event here

Eden Bar on Canal Street hosted an Acoustic Night in association with The LGF to celebrate LGBT History Month on 23rd February. There were prize draws and quizzes throughout the night and all proceeds were donated to The LGF’s Charity Challenges.

We also took the opportunity to talk about sexual health and hosted The Great Sex Debate for men who have sex with men. We invited people to have an honest discussion with a panel of sexperts about what good sex means to them.

For this year’s LGBT History Month music theme, The LGF staff team did their bit by selecting their favourite songs by LGB&T artists. We had such a brilliant response that we decided to make one massive music playlist, which we’ve put on Youtube and Spotify for everyone to listen to! However we were 6 tracks off our Top 100 so we’ve asked you to suggest what they should be! You can listen to The LGF playlist here.

To round off LGBT History Month for 2014, we’re hosting a Men’s Film Night tonight - some long lost ground-breaking classic shorts of gay cinema from the 60s and 70s will be brought together by The British Film Institute.

We’ve had a brilliant time celebrating LGBT History Month and can’t wait for all the activities we’re going to be busy planning for next year! If you’re interested in getting involved with The LGF then please get in touch as we’re always looking for volunteers to help out – click here for more information.