The LGF at Manchester Pride Parade!

Publish Date: 16/08/2013

Parading up and down the country!

This summer The LGF have been attending Pride events around the country! We’ve already been to Sheffield, Essex and Bristol Pride doing research for our Part of the Picture study into substance misuse among lesbian, gay and bisexual people. (Take the online survey at

We’ve also been touring the North West and beyond showcasing our range of services including Blackpool, L Fest in Staffordshire, Oldham, Peel Park Picnic in Salford and Liverpool.

Marching at Manchester Pride

This year’s Manchester Pride Parade asks; Were we ‘Acceptable in the 80’s?’ For many people the answer will be a resounding “No!”However, these challenges undoubtedly re-ignited LGBT activism.

Now, in 2013, we may have moved forward in terms of legislation governing LGB&T rights, but as a community and in our personal lives we still face many issues where we need confidential support and information, a friendly ear or a safe space to meet others.

The Manchester Pride Parade is the ideal opportunity to demonstrate how far we have come as a community, the goals we still have to achieve, and to celebrate the invaluable contribution that the LGB&T community makes to Greater Manchester today. There are over 100 groups attending with around 2,500 people in the parade so we need to make our presence felt.

For The Lesbian & Gay Foundation it is a great time to remind our communities that: 


Traditionally we march donned in our iconic black Enough is Enough! T-shirts but this year we’ll be in our brand new pink t-shirts, and our walking entry will be highlighting some of the issues that LGB people face and ensuring people know, ‘We’re Here If You Need Us’. 

Join us in the parade! You’ll get a free breakfast butty and a fabulous pink ‘We’re Here If You Need Us’ t-shirt to keep! If you’d like to be part of our walking parade entry contact

  • laura bates

    Me and my partner would love to join you in walking for LGF in the manchester pride parade if you have any space left. LGF has been a huge source of support for both myself and my partner over the years and we would love to offer our support to yourselves :) Many thanks

  • ruth

    Its my first time at Pride...I'm 50 at the end of this year...its been difficult - not because Im fifty but because Im facing childhood trauma and being part of this would really be a boost...I've got a ticket for the weekend and Im coming from Southport on my own...ha, I know I sound like a lost soul and I am in a way but im also bright, articulate, shy, funny, loud, angry, sad and in need of a big Pride HUG!!!

  • Pam Eland

    Hiya there a few people coming up from Carlisle who are interested in joining in the march with the LGF can you email when and where your meeting up at or any infor they may need to know. I phoned the other day but no one has emailed back yet so if you could help I would be most greatful thanks Pam Eland

  • Mags stewart

    I would like to marah in the parade please i need a xl t-shirt and my partner will need large t-shirt can i bring my son along with me