The Jubilee Years – How Were They for You?

Publish Date: 29/05/2012

The Jubilee Time Capsule is a national people’s history project to capture the public’s perspective on the most important things that have happened over the last 60 years, as a way of marking the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

To ensure that human rights and equality-related events feature prominently, it is important that  lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people make a contribution to the Capsule (it only takes a few minutes) and spread the word to encourage as many LGBT people as possible to do the same. 

The Jubilee Time Capsule is an online time capsule that gives people across the globe the chance to create a digital Diamond Jubilee gift for Her Majesty The Queen.

Members of the public are invited to select a memorable day between 6 February 1952 and 6 June 2012 and contribute videos, photos and text to explain why it is important to them.

This ambitious People’s History will chart the last 60 years of Her Majesty's reign and Headship of the Commonwealth, creating a unique digital legacy this Diamond Jubilee year.

The very best Jubilee Time Capsule entries will be curated into the Diamond (re)Collection, which will be overseen by a distinguished panel of judges and presented to The Queen later in 2012.

So much has happened in Britain and the Commonwealth over the last 60 years and there are so many LGB&T stories to tell. Here is an opportunity to recognise the contributions made by lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people and to remember the important dates over the last 60 years that have helped shape the way we live today.

Taking part is easy: sign up, pick a day in the last 60 years and explain why the date is important to you.

Use photos, videos, words, songs, poems ... whatever you want - it's up to you - it's your story!

The capsule closes on 13 June 2012.

  • Amber96

    wow that\'s cool. sixty years on the throne, that\'s brill. Glad all this equality stuff is in though, aswell as having it with the capsule and the Queen invilved is realy brilliant.