The Equal Civil Marriage Consultation

Publish Date: 15/03/2012

The UK government are looking at how to enable same-sex couples to have a civil marriage. The consultation will look only at civil marriage ceremonies in a register office or other approved premises (such as a hotel).

There are no changes proposed to religious marriages which continue to be legally possible only between a man and a woman.

The Government are also proposing to retain civil partnerships for same-sex couples only.

However under this proposal individuals will, for the first time, be able legally to change their gender without having to end their marriage.

The Story so far….

Last year the Government lifted the ban on civil partnerships taking place on religious premises and now they are looking at removing the ban on same-sex couples having a civil marriage ceremony.

The Government recognises the commitment by same-sex couples in a civil partnership is the same as the commitment made by opposite-sex couples in a civil marriage. It therefore makes no sense to ban same-sex couples from getting married through a civil ceremony.

This isn’t about Government interfering in people’s lives;this is about removing the barriers to enable greater choice in this modern world.

There has been some confusion in the media and from certain religious groups about this consultation so the Government want to make it absolutely clear that they are proposing no changes to religious marriage.

A marriage through a religious ceremony and on religious premises will continue to only be legally possible between a man and a woman.

The Consultation

The consultation will run for 13 weeks until the 14 June 2012. The Government will then be looking to issue a response in the autumn.

The Government recognises that there are a wide range of views on this issue and they want to hear from all perspectives.

The Lesbian & Gay Foundation are very keen for same sex couples to have the right to a civil marriage and we would encourage all our supporters and all those who wish to support the right for two people of the same sex to have a civil marriage to support this and have their say using the consultation.

Chief Executive Paul Martin OBE says: “We are of course aware that the forces against us are very mobilized on this issue and the numbers who have signed the Coalition For Marriage petition outnumber the people who have signed the Coalition For Equal Marriage Petition by more than 4 to 1. It is therefore vital that we ensure that everyone we know participates in this consultation and ensure that the voices for positive change and for equality are heard.”

The Lesbian & Gay Foundation will be promoting this consultation across all of our communication channels for the next 12 weeks whilst the consultation is open.  Please help in any way that you can by re-tweeting this information, updating your facebook pages and of course by good old fashioned talking to people. And of course don’t forget to fill out the consultation yourself!

You can access a copy of the full consultation document and send in your views by completing a simple, online survey on the Home Office

The Government will also be tweeting about the consultation from @ukhomeoffice with hash tag #equalcivilmarriage.

  • Anita

    Michael: What the hell is your problem (besides atrocious spelling)??? Civil partnership is already legal, same-sex marriage is NOT... all we want is to be treated as equals & to get the same married rights as hetero couples, which at the moment, we DON'T... this would have legal ramifications in case of illness & death of a partner, so why can't idiots like this see that? We are basically demanding to have the same HUMAN RIGHTS!!!

  • michael

    if man / woman was ment to have a same sex relationship as a man and a woman, God would have provided man and woman with both sex organs. so that they may service iether as a normalaty. Man was made with a penis and woman with a vegina put the two together and one gets reproduction of a human being. that is the norm!!!!! For a man to man or a woman to woman atraction! says one thing! and one thing only! these humans have a mental disorder and one should not class it as normal! or natural! The Goverment should spend money on trying to cure their abnormality rather than trying to convince us hetrosexuals that they are normal! just like us!! When poeple have a mental problem they are treated to correct their mental diorder. A gay or a lesbian or by-sexual have a mental disorder and they should be treated to teach them that the norm is to be hetrosexual. One of the functions for the virgina! is to recieve a penis!! The anus only has one function and one function only! that is to release the intake of food!! it was never meant to recieve a penis. these people that believe it is normal to be gay lesbian or bysexual who have a mental problem, have convinced themselves that they are normal, have convinced the goverment that they are normal! and the goverment are now trying to convince the country that they are right, and the religiouse groups are wrong. pass this as law and the next thing these mentaly desturbed gays etc. will be demanding will be a full religious ceromoney with all the trimins. there is already talk of changing the husband and wife heading! to civil partner so that one cannot seporate a gay marriage from a normal hetrosexial marage. David Cameron your duty is to try and cure their mental disorder not inhance it! Or are they giving the goverment a good back hander to give them what they whant???

  • Sarah

    I fully support the right for same sex couples to have a civil marriage. The law at the moment reinforces homophobic views. Statistics have shown more acceptance in European countries whose sexual orientation laws are more equal. This is the way forward.

  • mirells

    ALL people should be allowed to in that kind of relationship they want, whether it\'s civil marriage, religious marriage or something else. The sex of the people shouldn\'t be an issue.

  • Gemma

    After doing some research on this during the past 24 hours, as I am in complete support of the law change and 100% believe that EVERYONE, gay/ straight/ bi, should have EQUAL RIGHTS, I have found that; people that DO SUPPORT are encouraged to 1.) contact your local MP, which I have already done, explaining your views and 2.) complete the online Home Office form, which again I have done, as these are the two main ways for the government to collect OUR views. Please do contact both links as it will only take a few minutes of your time but could make the world of difference. Equal Civil Marriage = Equal Civil Society. 1.) Email your local MP http://​ 2.) Complete the online form Equal civil marriage consultation | Home Office Thank you very much for reading. Facebook: Equal Civil Marriage

  • Philip1973

    I support same-sex civil marriage, and same-sex religious marriage too.

  • ash91

    i tottaly support this organisation and want to be a proud member.we should have eqaual place on earth

  • Liz55

    I fully support this move. The government's promotion of this has been to wrongly report its intentions. I hope that the government listens to the majority of fair-minded people in this country and not the paranoia of the religious communities.

  • shaz27

    I think it's about time