TDoR: You were known to us

Publish Date: 25/11/2014

Last Thursday was Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR), and events were held in Manchester and throughout the world to commemorate members of the trans* communities that we have lost to transphobia.

Staff and supporters of The Lesbian & Gay Foundation (The LGF) attended Subrosa in Mosside on Thursday evening and the vigil in Sackville Gardens, Manchester on Sunday.

Both events were incredibly moving, and it was recognised that the list of names of those who have died this year did not include those trans people who have taken their own lives - often as a result of experiencing transphobia.

The names read out were assumed to be trans women, and it is difficult to know if this is how they identified their gender. Also there were no trans men recorded, which it has been said to be a product of challenges faced during the production of the lists.

Organiser of the Sackville Gardens Vigil, Jenny-Anne Bishop, said: “Unless we shine a light in the darkest experience of trans communities, then we cannot work towards ending the hate. It was so positive to see both members of the trans community, and wider community attend. We all need to challenge transphobia and all hate crimes together, and support each other to bring hate and fear to an end.”

Sadly, a trans-woman who attended the event received transphobic abuse on the walk back from the vigil on Canal Street. This further highlights how much more work needs to be done to tackle transphobia and educate those who seek to hurt people based on their gender.

There is a panel discussion being hosted at Subrosa on 5th December to discuss the politics and processes surrounding TDoR.

The LGF has been a third-party Hate Crime Reporting Centre for over 15 years and can help to support people with reporting hate crime. You can report by calling us on 0845 3 30 30 30 (we're open 10am-10pm every day), you can pop-in, email us at or use our easy access Hate Crime Reporting web-app at

The LGF is looking to speak to members of the trans communities about what they would like to see The LGF offering, supporting or campaigning for moving forward. Your thoughts will be considered to help shape bids and programmes of work. Please email:

* includes but is not limited to: Transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, non-binary, gender-fluid, gender nonconforming, intersex, third gender, twin spirited, transvestite, cross-dresser, bi-gender, trans man, trans women, agender, gender independent, and non-gender, as well as other non-binary identities.