Take Action: “Kill the Bill”

Publish Date: 15/02/2012

Uganda’s infamous "kill the gays" bill was reintroduced before Parliament last week. Ugandan campaigners are urging people and decision makers from around the world to come together to help stop the bill, and help the Ugandan government realise their human rights responsibilities.

The infamous "kill the gays" bill was reintroduced to the Ugandan Parliament last week. It follows last year's hard fought battle from human rights organisations around the world to get the bill removed.

However, the Ugandan Government are now distancing themselves from the bill, saying that they do not support it but that it requires debate as part of the democratic process.

The Bill, which originally proposed the death penalty for "aggravated", or continued, homosexuality, and required the death sentence for anyone convicted of homosexuality who is living with HIV or who has been convicted of homosexuality before; would now carry the punishment of life imprisonment for an individual convicted of a gay act more than once, and would expand the range of punishable offences; including 7 years imprisonment for attempted homosexuality, aiding and abetting homosexuality, fines and jail terms are also a prospect for those who fail to report gay "offences".

For lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans campaigners in Uganda the existence of the bill, represents fear and suspicion, it pushes LGBT  people further underground and into danger.

These LGBT & HIV campaigners want to see the homophobic and transphobic bill completely removed from Uganda’s legislative process, an open dialogue around support for LGBT Ugandans, and support from the rest of the world.

One such campaigner, who must remain anonymous for fear of repercussions in Uganda, visited the Lesbian & Gay Foundation earlier this year to encourage worldwide support to put pressure on the Ugandan to government to remove the bill and support Ugandan LGBT's.

He said: "The purpose of the dialogue is to pressure the Government of Uganda to re-think on human rights issues as well as De-campaign the Anti-Homosexuality Bill (''Kill Bill''). We cannot live in a society where minority people cannot access services, have no freedom to speak, are persecuted and condemned.

It's very absurd that even when there are transformations taking place, people are still blamed and cursed because of their sexual orientation. I have been cursed for instance by my family members, the society I live in, and condemned, but this can't change my life style."

The same campaigner contacted us to highlight that he and his colleagues survived arrest yesterday after Uganda's Minister for Ethics broke up a secret gay rights conference they were attending. They have today informed the Minister for Ethics about their campaign for a worldwide dialogue http://bit.ly/zAp1mF

To find out more about the dialogue and the campaign to fight homophobia and transphobia in Uganda, and be part of the international dialogue visit The Uganda Students AIDS Prevention Association website (TUSAPA) www.tusapa.org

The campaign's goal is to see world leaders, human rights activists and the global media in Uganda to publicly lobby the Ugandan Government to realise their human rights responsibilities and "Kill the Bill" once and for all.

The campaign needs your support, The UK Government has already taken a lead on encouraging LGB&T equality around the world, please encourage the Foreign Secretary the Rt Hon William Hague to lobby the Ugandan government to drop the bill for good. Feel free to use TUPASA's dialogue and send it to the Foreign Secretary at haguew@parliament.uk