Tackling Homophobic Bullying in Salford

Publish Date: 03/05/2012

Thanks to funding from Salford City Council,Exceeding Expectations is proud to announce that the inaugural Salford roll out is on Friday 4th May with two showcase performances at the Beacon Centre, London Road, Salford. Then performances roll out to Salford secondary schools and The Prince's Trust from 8th May to 11th May.

Exceeding Expectations offers staff training, a comprehensive school’s pack including teacher resource materials and lesson plans, support with anti-bullying policy development, posters, leaflets and information resources, young people’s in-school peer support groups, individual school evaluation reports and much more.

As part of the Exceeding Expectations programme, the play ‘OUTLOUD’, a specially commissioned piece of verbatim theatre produced by Hope Theatre Company is designed to voice the words of local young people in on the subjects of homophobia and sexuality.

Performances are presented to young people and then followed with a workshop which highlights recent cases of homophobic murders in the UK. Discussion also covers language use and the impact of what we say on our friends, family and those coming to terms with their own sexuality.

Previous findings have shown that theExceeding Expectations initiative has an immediate impact upon the young people engaged with it.

Before the play ‘OUTLOUD‘, surveys completed by the young people taking part showed that 79% considered homophobia and homophobic bullying as ‘not my problem’ and ‘nothing to do with me’, meaning only 21% of those surveyed would do anything about witnessing  homophobia or homophobic bullying in school.

Following seeing the play and taking part in the workshop, a massive 93% of pupils would do something if they experienced or witnessed homophobic bullying.

Pupils have been very positive in their response to the initiative, and their comments really highlightchanges in attitudes and behaviour:

 ‘It really changes people’s attitudes towards homophobic language’

‘I will stop saying offensive language’

‘I will change by not using gay in a bad way’

‘I now stand up for other people, and if someone says “That’s gay” I confront them’

‘If someone is gay I will stop people bullying them’

 (Source Exceeding Expectations Questionnaire Findings 2011, Based on 2356responses)

To find out more about how Exceeding Expectations is ending homophobia through education

Please go to : www.exceedingexpectations.org.uk

The Exceeding Expectations partnership in Salford involves Salford City Council,Manchester Healthy Schools, Hope Theatre Company, Manchester Community Health, and the Lesbian & Gay Foundation.

  • Vic

    Hi Being the Secretary of Out IN Salford, the local LGBTQI Network Group, I feel very excited about the Exceeding Expetctations campaign being rolled in my locality. I think its extremely important the message gets through to all school and college students from teenager upwards I myself was bullied from 13 onwards and know from my own experience there was no-one to talk to or to confide in. That was the late seventies so things have, of course, changed considerably for the better but the feeling of torment and worthlessness still traumatises me now when I think about it some 35+ years later Please, if you know someone, or are someone, who is being bullied not just in school but also in university or the workplace, then don\\\'t put up with it in silence, that was my mistake, tell someone you can trust or ask the person you know is being bullied, how you can help. This little act of charity WILL save lives !!!!! Vic Hanley