Surviving Christmas - your physical health

Publish Date: 22/12/2011

Christmas and the New Year can be a busy and turbulent time, so it’s really important that you try to look after yourself.

Improving your overall sense of wellbeing doesn’t just come down to eating healthily and doing a bit of exercise, it’s much more than that – but where do you even start?

We've put together these handy and easy to follow articles to help you to take some simple steps to help you look after number one.

December and January are not kind to our body; over indulgence followed by drastic dieting and hammering the gym, the cold weather and dark nights can make you feel like sluggish and tired. Taking everything in moderation will help you to feel on top form:

  1. A little bit of what you fancy never did anyone any harm – enjoy the festive food but make sure you’re getting a balanced diet.
  2. Aim to do at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise most days of the week – setting yourself realistic goals will help to keep you motivated.
  3. Don’t starve yourself in January – crash dieting doesn’t work long-term and it’s not good for your health. A healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise will help you to lose weight gradually and keep it off – we recommend you speak to your GP for some advice on where to start.

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