Surviving Christmas - relationships with friends and loved ones

Publish Date: 22/12/2011

Christmas and the New Year can be a busy and turbulent time, so it’s really important that you try to look after yourself.

Improving your overall sense of wellbeing doesn’t just come down to eating healthily and doing a bit of exercise, it’s much more than that – but where do you even start?

We've put together these handy and easy to follow articles to help you to take some simple steps to help you look after number one.

Relationships, whether they are with your partner, friends or family can be sometimes be tested over the festive season, with all the pressure and expectations to spend lots of time together and lots of money (you may not have) to spend on presents.

Here are a couple of hints and tips on how to enjoy your time over the festivities!

If you are single you might feel out of place over the holidays as the pressure and the messages are all about couples, you can spend time with your family if that is what you want to do or your friends. Or you can invite people to your house and if you don’t want to do any of that then why not volunteer with one of the homelessness charities and serve Christmas Dinner.

If you have a partner and want to spend time with both your partner and family then time spent planning how this will work is time well spent. Sit down with your partner and work it out over a coffee as soon as you can and definitely before your family starts asking you, don’t worry if one family is maybe not as supportive as the other, its your holiday and you can go where you want!

If you know money is going to be difficult this Christmas then don’t break yourself buying presents, why not make them or give your own time doing a task for that person like cooking?

And don’t forget yourself, if you know you are going to feel pressured then make sure have some space for yourself, go for a walk, go out with your friends, etc

We're here if you need us.

If you'd like to talk to someone about your relationships over the Christmas and New Year holidays you can call 0845 3 30 30 30.

If you feel that talking to someone face to face through our counsellling service could be of benefit then you can read more about it here.


For full details of our opening times over the festive season click here.

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